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Christina Klayman

Prime Star Insurance Services has helped save my family a lot of money! The one thing I love most about Prime Star Insurance is that they are a trustworthy and reliable one stop shop for any type of Insurance, and their service is beyond exceptional. I personally would like to encourage those who are in need of any type of Insurance, to go through Prime Star Insurance Services. I will assure you that you'll be satisfied to the highest level.

Raul Jeffery

I contacted Prime Star Insurance Services to obtain Insurance coverage that I needed and was pleasantly surprised with the professionalism and great customer service! I was even more surprised with how they expedited my request, and went out of their way to make sure I had what I needed right away. Being an Insurance Agent myself, I know how hard they work. Thank you Prime Star!

Armond Uguryan

I just can't put into words how happy I am by switching over to Prime Star Insurance Services. Every situation was handled and delivered according to the plan and most importantly, on time! Very professional, knowledgeabe and friendly attitude has helped me take care of one of the most important aspects of my business. They personally analyzed every possible situation for my business and helped me protect my business from all angles. I am looking forward to renewing my remaining commercial policies with Prime Star Insurance Services! Thank you so much for your client services!

Gregory Dehnert

It is with pleasure that I recommend Prime Star Insurance Services to all of you out there in need of any type of Insurance. I have personally had headaches in the past with Insurance companies. Working with Prime Star Insurance Services has allowed me to get Insurance for my events in a timely manor and at the lowest prices. Insurance issues have been one less thing for me to worry about ever since I've been doing business with Prime Star Insurance Services. Thank you.

Arpi I

Prime Star Insurance Services is always helpful and prompt to any of our questions. We certainly appreciate the great customer service. When we come across questions, Prime Star Insurance Services has all the answers. What we love most, is that they’ll stop what their doing at the moment and take their time to explain all the details. They have helped us with many different situations. They have a good grasp of what our business entails and how to best protect our business with their many different insurance services. The support team is very responsive and takes care of any inquiries quickly and professionally. We are proud to use Prime Star Insurance Services as our one-stop-shop for our insurance needs, as we value their expertise and loyalty. It has been a success working with Prime Star Insurance Services. Thank you.

Isabell Kim

Prime Star Insurance Services has definitely, without a doubt saved me a lot of money for my auto insurance. After numerous tickets and traffic violations, it was very difficult for me to shop around for an affordable quote. Prime Star Insurance went above and beyond to make sure they gave me the best quote possible. I am very proud to say that I am saving over a thousand dollars a year compared to the previous insurance company I was with. I would personally like to recommend Prime Star Insurance Services to anyone that is in need of excellent and genuine service in insurance. The best part is, they lay out all the details for you. You know exactly what you're paying for and they take the time in explaining all the important details of your policy. I am very pleased with my decision to switch over, thank you Prime Star!

Alex Megerdechian

The service I received with Prime Star Insurance Services was absolutely exceptional. Not only are they one of the most professional insurance providers, but they go the extra mile to explain and answer every question you might have without you even asking. In addition, the recommendations they make tailored to each client, and that's what I really like. I will personally continue to do business with Prime Star Insurance Services for as long as I need insurance, and as we know that's a lifetime.

Alexander Rafael Chua

Great Service. Prime Star Insurance Services is very quick in responding to our company's needs. A group of very knowledgeable insurance professionals that explain in details and very easy to understand. What we love most is that they'll even go out of their way just to accommodate our company's inquiries. We are gladly satisfied with Prime Star Insurance Services because of their personalized service. Always a pleasure doing business with Prime Star.

Total: 8
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